24 Hour Walkden Pest Control Services

If you are experiencing pest problems in a residential or commercial property Youngs Pest Control are here to help. Our 24 hour Walkden pest control services cover a wide range of pests including ant infestation removal, bedbug control, flea infestation treatment, bee and wasps nest removal, rat and mouse infestation control, grey squirrel removal and woodworm treatment.

It is advised that you do not try to get rid of pests yourself and call on our professional Walkden pest control services to do a proper job. Do-it-yourself methods and home remedies have a low rate of success and may make the situation worse. Furthermore, trying to deal with pests yourself can prove a false economy with much time, effort, resources and money wasted over the long term. Our professional pest control technicians can be relied upon to resolve your pest problems.

Ant control

It is never pleasant to discover ants in the kitchen, violating the sanctity of the storage cupboards and pantry in search of sugary foodstuffs. Youngs Pest Control offers an expert pest removal service that will target ants and provide professional solutions to your commercial or domestic infestation problems. Our 24 hour Walkden pest control services are second to none and more than capable of getting rid of ants from your property.

Flea infestation treatment

Amateur attempts at controlling fleas are often unsuccessful because home remedies tend only to target adult fleas when the imaginal population only amounts to a small percentage of the total number of fleas. Youngs Pest Control understands what is required to eradicate fleas from a property and our professional flea control service, centred around a highly-effective flea fumigation treatment, targets fleas in all four stages of the holometabolous lifecycle.

Rodent infestation control

Rats and mice are a threat to your property and anyone who lives or works on it. The destructive gnawing of rodents causes damage to plumbing, gaslines and electrical wiring which causes appliances to fail and poses a safety hazard. Rat and mouse droppings can lead to a range of zoonotic illnesses such as leptospirosis and salmenellosis. Youngs Pest Control provides a professional rat and mouse control service to rid your property of rodents for good.

Wasps nest removal

If you find a wasps nest on a residential or commercial property you should not attempt to remove it yourself but call in the experts instead. Some people experience life-threatening anaphylactic reactions to wasp stings even if they have not experienced symptoms before. Our pest removal technicians are equipped with the necessary protective clothing to avoid stings and posses the necessary equipment, materials and expertise to successfully remove wasps nests.

Woodworm treatment

Woodworm are the wood-boring larvae of certain beetles which include the Deathwatch beetle and Powderpost beetles. In the wild they feed upon old and decaying wood but given the opportunity they will feed on wooden furniture and structural timber, causing significant damage. If you have woodworm it is advised that you ask Youngs Pest Control to perform woodworm treatment.

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